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To the site of HOH: Hard on Harding

We are a team of trivia fanatics that participate in the 90FM Trivia Extravaganza that occurs every spring from the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and encompases nearly the entire city of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and most of the surrounding area.

The team has been in existence for over 20 years now. From its humble beginnings on Harding Avenue, on the west side of Stevens Point, to its current location, out in the woods north of town. We have players come from all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and remote players from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

Our gracious hosts each year are Jill and Perry Stewart. They gladly invite everyone into their home to take over for the weekend. The team started with Jill's family, her mother Patti, and brother Mark. And has grown to include extended family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else willing to put in some time to get the experience that is TRIVIA...

Take a look around the site an enjoy...