55th with 12,380 points

Team Timeline...

Year Event
  • Highest placing yet at 46th!!
  • Norm gives a motivational speech and we drop 11 places within the next 6 hours. Atta Boy Norm!
  • First year playing the St. Cloud contest
  • First "REAL" team photo taken
  • Jill uses her noodle, and it pays off.
  • Everyone seems squeaky. Perry starts to lubricate everyone. Dave doesn't respond to treatment. Time for Industrial strength.
  • When in doubt call in the Polish boy.
  • Perry refuses direct orders from the wife to remove his pants during a stone run.
  • G-ma said that it was Moby... No Dick.
  • Bean spills her heart. Claymation freaks her out.
  • Jen shows up for Trivia this year. Answers questions. Does not burst into flames.
  • First year of
  • Added periods to HOH so OZ would say the letters and not pronounce the team name as a Klingon word
  • First little Opie at Trivia... 6 weeks old
  • First Annual Trivia Pre-Party is held
  • Tatyana's first year at trivia.
  • Moved from Harding Avenue to new location. Find us if you can...
  • First year we attened the Trivia Movie. Attended by Jill/Kelly.
  • Patti falls head over heels for trivia.. Literally. She can no longer have a chair with wheels.
  • Stitch attacks G-ma's car with stick and feels her wrath
  • Jill helps Lynn with the Oven. The world no longer makes sense.
  • First entry in parade
  • Mitchell's first year of Trivia.
  • Dave eats dog treats. Mmmmm.
  • Opie makes a wager with the rest of the team that he'll shave his head if we place in the top 100, a feat not yet accomplished.
  • First year we break into the top 100, with a placing of 99th.
  • Opie shaves his head...
  • Decdied that we needed to have a name that would be identifiable. We picked Hard On Harding. We were located on Harding Avenue.
  • AJ answers her first question - a new generation begins
  • Amy's First Trivia
  • Norm starst house on fire cooking breakfast
  • Norm Tackles a mailman for an answer
  • First year with multiple computers on a Cable mode.
  • First year for team website - Reprimanded by Oz for posting the New Trivia Times Pictures on it. Shame, Shame...
  • First year placing above 200th!!
  • After a late night bar run, Perry vows not to drink next year
  • Norm calls in lubricated condoms for an answer
  • Norm starts the late night striptease tradition. This is one tradition we could probably live without
  • Tracy's first Trivia experience
  • First year with the internet. One lonely computer, 3 geeks surrounding it, all on dial-up. Good times. Good times.
  • Opie broke Norm's thumb. There was possible ligament damage. And a cloud has hung over Opie's head ever since.
  • Dave's first year at Trivia
  • Dave can't spell ESPN. Yeah, seriously.
  • Dave was doing homework just one hour before being unable to spell ESPN. I hope he could throw that score out.
  • Bean answers the phone: "Urgent Care this is Bean".
  • Opie's first venture to Point for Trivia
  • Bean takes over team residence on Harding after G-ma gets hitched.
  • Ashley's first year at trivia
  • Our first and ONLY Trivia Focus!
  • Outside basketball game with Nrom and Perry answering questions..with out giving the team inside the answers.
  • Perry and Mike got lost for hours searching for trivia stone. Had plenty of beverages in car
  • Perry's first year of Trivia
  • Peeing in the fake fireplace... Linked to Perry's first year?? We may never know
  • Jane was chaperone while Patti was at work. The first... And Last year she chaperoned. :)
  • Midnight Football game...
  • First year of Trivia. As Sniglets. Contest was not held at our house for the whole weekend. It started out at a friend of Jill's. Jill's friend's dad was a doctor on call and needed the phone line to be open. They moved to our house and Patti had a grand old time.