55th with 12,380 points

The Rules...

Trivia teams of any size may bring the entire team or representatives to the 90FM studios on Reserve Street from 3 until 7 Monday through Thursday, and Friday from Noon until 6, the week of the contest to register. At that time, teams will be given two copies of the New Trivia Times. The New Trivia Times contains information about the contest, the pictures, and other pertinent information, like weekend specials on food from area businesses who support Trivia, and other businesses who support 90FM and the contest.

Registration is $30.00 per team, and teams can be of any size. If a team purchases $125.00 worth of merchandise at the time of registration, registration is $15.00. If a team purchases $250.00 worth of merchandise at the time of registration, registration is free.

Description of the contest: Eight questions are asked over the 90FM airwaves each hour. Team contestants are given the length of time for two songs to play in which to respond with an answer. Each team is given one attempt to answer. All teams that respond correctly are given an equal share of the 2000 points that a question is worth, with a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 500 points. There are two hours during the contest when only four questions are asked. This allows us time to read all of the team standings.

Running Questions: The Running Questions are given at specific locations in Stevens Point at 7:00 A.M. both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Teams are asked to gather information within "running" distance of the meeting sight. Locations for the Running Questions are given in the Trivia Times.

Trivia Stone: The Trivia Stone is a rally, of sorts. During the contest, teams are instructed to follow a certain group of clues. These clues lead teams throughout the city and countryside, and at three times are instructed to get their Trivia Times booklet stamped. The stamps are then turned in at 6:30 Sunday evening for points. One stamp earns 50 points, two stamps 150 points, and three stamps 300 points. The first clue is given in the Trivia Times.

Music Questions: The music questions are snippets of 8 songs. There are three music questions, and each of the snippets is equivalent to one question. Question turn-in times are in your copy of The New Trivia Times. This is the booklet that you receive at the time of registration.

Trophies for the top three teams are donated by Point Beer/Premium Brands. Trophies for fourth through tenth place are donated by Point Trophy. Each of the teams will be sent a certificate acknowledging their team name, place in the contest, and point total after the contest.

*All Rules are subject to change, depending on the OZ!!!

Always consult The Rules as the last word.